Let users sort my CMS item as they like

I wanna let users sorting my CMS items as they like.
(I use Memberstack as my member system)

My idea is to add a new field called “sorting number”, and let the user define which CMS item is 1,2,3… in a page or something, so that the sorting can show as they want.

How to do so? Is this possible?
Thank you.

By user you mean the Memberstack member?
Memberstack has a user data storage feature, but it’s not attached to Webflow’s CMS. You’d need to make your own mechanism for defining a sort specification, saving and retrieving it.

I’ve done similar things in the past using drag-and-drop, javascript, and decimal values to calculate in-between item placement. You’d have a good deal of coding ahead, but it ends up being a pretty elegant little feature, if it’s worth the effort to build.

Check Memberstack’s site and forums, and you may just find a similar solution to base this on.

Did you ever find a solution to this @JRDing ?