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Development Question (Filtering and Sorting) + Looking for Paid Webflow Dev


Is it somehow possible with Webflow to do the following:

  1. Pull data from an API and show it on a static or CMS page
  2. Sort and filter items on that page (e.g. in order based on values from the API)

For example, look at this page:

Is it possible to pull similar price data from an API to create the page and then be able to sort and filter items by price etc?

If there is a skilled Webflow developer out there who can tackle this challenge as a paid project, please reach out.


PS: Basic filtering can be done like this (webflow page) but I am looking for more advanced drop-down, multiple-selecting filtering, too.

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I’d be happy to assist you.
Please connect me on Skype:cis.am2 or Email, so we can communicate further.
Looking for your reply.
Warm Regards,

@webdes, hi, just so you know, at the moment webflow api only works through zapier (, so if you have a specific app already in your mind that will pulls the data, you should consider looking if zapier has it.
If that step is ok, your example shouldn’t be a problem to achieve.
Hope this helps and wish you good luck in your Webflow dev research,

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@anna1818 Added you on Skype

@zbrah Thanks. It may be possible to connect a new API to Zapier and then use that to connect to Webflow. Is that correct?

@webdes, didn’t knew users could add new app to zapier but apparently yes you are correct !

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Hi @webdes, I would actually recommend integrating Firebase for your use case.

You can create a Cloud Function that pulls from an instance on Firebase and integrate it int your Webflow Embed block or on the page with Javascript. This is ideal because you can simply add the <script /> tag on the page instead of doing anything directly with Zapier.

DM me if you need help. I’m currently running Firebase on my site.

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@cjroe Thank you, I’ve just sent a DM.

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