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Sort Styles in Styles Panel

I think it is great we can remove unused styles, but it would also be nice if we could have the styles sorted in the styles panel. Just a thought.


@JTighe, don’t know if you meant auto by name, but I’ll add a vote for manually arranging order!

Yep, meant auto by name,ie. alphabetically. If there are a lot styles they can be cumbersome to find sometimes.

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+1 to this. Webflow can give option for alphabetically sorting in ascending or descending. Presently webflow arranges in the order in which the classes were created forcing users to scroll downwards to rename or find classes. Not friendly.

It will be highly efficient and productive, if selection of styles/classes corresponds to element selection. I mean, whenever an element is selected the style/class should be highlight or selected in the style tree. Having to scroll through the tree to locate styles/classes is quite tedious.