Feature for sorting classes


I’m working on a site in webflow. Once I’m finished, I’ll export my code with assets and give it to my friend developer to further work on it. I was sending him a preview of the code from webflow. He told me that code is fine, but he was a bit disappointed about the fact, that classes were sorted chronologically (in the same way I was creating them) without any structure. He suggested that he would be more happy if the classes were sorted according to the page on which they are appearing. Some may be global, but some may be “page specific”. Some people may even like to have them sorted alphabetically or in some other way.

Would you consider adding a sorting feature to the styles panel? It would help me in the designing process as well, because larger projects tend to have a lot of class names and the list can get long.

Maybe someone else will appreciate it as well.

Thank You


Being able to group them in logical custom sub sets would be very helpful when passing files to co-developers. Even alphabetical would be great.

Meanwhile a couple of tips that I find super helpful :

You can use the web browser’s find function (command+f on mac) to instantly locate a class in Webflow’s Navigator list.

Using the chome inspector on a published site is super helpful when working as a development partner allowing you to instantly right-click on any object / element on the page and see all of the code, direct class associations and dependancies. If you option-toggle open the html node in the inspector you can use find at the bottom of the inspector to locate every instance of a class, global, interaction, etc. I am sure your developer knows this, but it can be very empowering for you as well.

Great suggestion @bubble!

@vlogic Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Using cmd+f to locate classes is a nice “hack” :slight_smile: