Sort Collection List by Popularity

I have designed a new collection of blog posts, which I currently sort by most recent.

I am wanting to sort my blog posts by popularity, is this possible?


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Hey @Mason_Cook,

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How are you going to measure the blog posts popularity?

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Hi, thanks! :slight_smile:

I am not sure about that. I was hoping there was some way to measure which collection items have had the most views/clicks, and just order the items that way?

After scouring Webflow though I don’t think this is possible.

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Well, it is theoretically possible, but not without Zapier, or similar…

You could create a number field in the collection that is updates by zapier every time someone clicks a link to the post.
Then sorting the posts by that field.

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I have Zapier integration. I will look into this now!

Thanks so much

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Hi Mason, the issue is really one of measurement, then gathering the metrics, and displaying it. There is no native way to do this in webflow. You may wish to explore third party rating services that could be integrated into your blog.

Hi, were you ever able to find a solution to this?

I might have most of the solution for this, just need help to figure out the last step with Zapier.
My post.

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Hello @avivtech - thanks for this suggestion. Could you provide a quick Loom/video tutorial how to do this?

Hi @eli-webdesigner ,
There are now some plugins that do that for you - eg:

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Oh wow, this looks like a great resource. I’m not sure if I’ll specifically find what I need here, but I’m sure there’s something here I would definitely be able to use in the future. Thanks man!

@Mason_Cook Know it’s late in the game, but I’ve figured it out and have it running, just a lot of copy and paste: Creating a no-code Webflow Popular Post Section using Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and the Mixed Analytics API Connector

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Hi all,

My name is Talha, I recently built a tool that solves this problem:

My tool is able to collect the following data:

  • How many times a CMS item was viewed
  • How much time a user spent viewing a CMS item (excellent for tracking things like blog read time)
  • Whether or not a user “liked” / “clapped” / “favourited” a CMS item.

Then, I provide some easily embedded code snippets that will let you sort your CMS collections by either visitor count, read time, or favourites.

My tool works for any CMS collection, but it applies really well to Blogs. Check it out if you’re interested! I’m looking for customers to join a prerelease version of the app to get some early feedback.

Hi @flowytools

Tried to access the site but seems to be down:

In case anyone is still interested in this, we’ve been building Nocodelytics, an analytics tool that integrates deeply with Webflow.

We already track CMS page views and clicks and are launching a beta soon to store that information against each collection item.

You’d then be able to use that to sort by most viewed/liked - or whatever metric really!

If you’re interested, you can sign up for our upcoming beta to store views in the CMS.