Is it possible to sort Collection Items by popularity?


I’m wondering if anyone has explored ways to factor in “popularity” to the sorting of CMS items. I’m trying to think of ways this might be done but am coming up short.

To be specific, I was hoping to be able to somehow analyze the number of page views for blog content, and then have a dynamic list that presented other articles with the greatest number of views.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!




Hi @edblnd, at the moment there is not an automatic way to do this, i.e. you cannot update the dynamic list to sort the collection items automatically.

One thing you could do, is to create an extra text or number field in the collection called “Popularity” and then each week, check your analytics for top pages and assign a number to the Popularity field manually in the CMS.

In the Designer, you can set a sort on the Popularity field, sorting from lowest to highest.

Would that help?


Thank @cyberdave for taking the time to look at this. That does help – a fair work-around!


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