Sort CMS by page views?

I hope this is the right category.

Anyways I have a ‘satire news site’ that is gaining some momentum in views. So I figured this would be the best oppturinity to put the ‘most viewed articles this week’ on the side of the site , with the sites containing the most views with in the week. I’ve seen this done with other sites but no necessary web flow ones.

However I was still curious if there was chance of being possible?

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Hey @De_Aguiar,

Unfortunately it’s not a native feature of webflow to sort CMS items by ‘most viewed’.

However, my suggestion to best achieve this would be to just add a ‘rank field’ (Number Field)’ to your CMS collections, and you can sort that ‘most viewed’ section by applying a CMS filter to the collection that is based on that rank number. So based on your analytics / traction on articles you can adjust that number to change the popular articles

I wish I could suggest a custom code alternative but I am not aware of any solution.





My name is Talha, and I’m building the following webflow extension:

It will let you sort CMS items by views. So as long as each of your blog entries are a separate CMS item, my extension will work. You can also add a “clap” / “like” / “favourite” button, and let users sort by that.

Check it out if you’re interested! :slight_smile: We’re currently looking for customers that would be interested in joining early and shaping our tool. It’s perfect for adding functionality to blogs but it can be used for a lot more!

Hey @De_Aguiar, not sure what happened to Talha’s tool, it did sound promising.

In case anyone is still interested in this, we’ve been building Nocodelytics, an analytics tool that integrates deeply with Webflow.

We already track CMS page views and clicks and much more. Soon we’re launching a beta to store page views against each collection item.

You’d then be able to use that to sort by most viewed/liked - or whatever metric really!

If you’re interested, you can sign up for our upcoming beta and use it to sort the CMS list by page views :slightly_smiling_face: