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Is there any way to create a "most popular posts" collection list?


I’m building a blog post and would like to show the most popular posts, but can’t seem to find a way of doing this. Am I missing something?

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Maybe you find a solution here?

I would also like to know this! Did you ever find a nice solution?

So far I can only solve it by tracking the blogposts on google analytics and manually entering the most popular ones, and then afterwards sorting by it… But it seems like a very bad way - especially since my client will take over soon.
I’d love it to be manually tracked!

@Linea I posted half a solution here, but never dug deeper to actually get Zapier to update the count field in the CMS. Anyhow, it’s fairly easy to get the count into a Google sheet that updates the view automatically, but haven’t figured out how to push the count to the right blog post via Zapier. Check the post here:

Thanks a lot! I will check this out :smiley:

Finally did it, not super easy but now we have a solution for creating a popular post section on a blog. You can find the post here:

Integromat can do this without having an extra step with Mixed Analytics API Connector Add-On.

Already paying for Zapier though, so that’ll be another tool in the stack.

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