Sometimes, deletion of folders crashes webflow (real good...)

A short background: had to duplicate a site and then delete everything (~60 pages neatly in folders & subfolders) except that one page I needed (really would appreciate cross-project components, hint hint). When weeding out the unnecessary pages and folders, webflow crashed several times. And when I say crashed, I really mean that - no amount of soft or hard refreshing would bring it back.

Another curious thing that occurred two times was that when I reopened webflow (after brower restart or in a new tab), it annouced during loading something in the essence of “the folder X cannot be found, the page Y inside it has been moved to the root folder”. Note that said X was not what I was attempting to delete; it was always the last folder in the líst. And it truly did not exist in the list anymore. At least once, however, the mentioned X was resurrected after a browser reboot.

I could not reproduce what kind of deletion causes the crash but it is still happening. I suspect (without good reasons, though) that it has something to do with the order / position of folders to be deleted but can’t say specifics.

Won’t be posting site here but will send it to support via email.


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A little further info. I was able to delete all the folders by carefully avoiding those which caused crashes. Eventually, those cleared as well, but not as expected. The problematic ones seemed to disappear together with another folder. I.e. by deleting folder X, both X and problem folder disappeared together.

Hi @eak, thanks for the report. As I can see you have sent in a report on this to our support desk, I will work with you there and then post an update here once there is more info !

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Received this same problem and a little bit more.

I have two folders

  1. Concept Ideas - with 4 files inside
  2. Project Ideas - with 3 folders and 5 files inside

While I was pressing the delete button for Project Ideas after deleting the files inside, it also deleted my Concept Ideas. Don’t understand why.


Hey @makdicowz!

I’m very sorry about the issue. :/ I know how frustrating this could be, so I’ll make sure to take care of that! Can you please send us an email at with:

  1. Read-only Link:
  2. Screenshots of issue:
  3. Browser Version:

Please also add link to this forum post so we can keep track of both :)

I’ll be standing by for your response! :)


  1. Read only Link

  2. Screenshots of Issue

So since I can’t delete the folders while there are still files in it, I have to delete the files one by one. So now there are only folders left. The funny thing is some folders was able to be deleted with no issue. As soon as it gets to “Project Ideas” or “Whole Houses”, it will delete the folder “Concept Ideas”.

Secondly, I tried to delete the folder “Comm Designers” first and then the website crashed.

  1. Browser Version

Chrome 45

Hey @makdicowz,

Please send us an email at with those information. We have a fix ready for you, but we need you to contact us through email so we can process this.

Thanks in advance! :)

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