Some issues with my websites design and functionalities

Hi all,

I have some issues with my websites design and functionalities. I hope someone is able to help me get these problems solved. <3 Would be amazing!!

  • On the homepage, this section looks different on my laptop and my friends laptop. Depending on the visitor’s viewport, some text will fall in the trees on the left side, making this unreadable. How can I fix that this will always be readable (in the blue sky) in EVERY visitors viewport? This is a big struggle.

  • The menubar / navigation is in position: Sticky. But at the moment it won’t scroll with me down the page. How can I fix that?

  • When you click on ‘‘Bekijk alle foto’s’’ (which means: View all photo’s) nothing happens. How can I set this button right so that it opens the picture gallery?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Urbs Living)
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Hi @Urbss1

  1. Set your Text Block 5 Copy to 500px and set Section 3 to Display (Flex), Direction (Vertical), Align (Middle).

  2. Navigation - Need to set the top position to 0% and move the Navigation component so it is under Body not within Page Wrapper\Div block.

  3. Move the button/link from multi-image collection and put on main image collection, this way it doesn’t duplicate the button for every image in that collection. I removed the link block and just used the text block element but applied the class you had on the button to the text box so it looks the same. Then set the text block position to relative and move to desired position.

See screenshot. Hope this helps.

Hi Leon,

Thanks a lot for checking with me! Which setting do I need to set to 500 px? Size → Width?

Also, I tried to fix the naivgation, but do you mean the navigation needs to be like:

Body → Navigation

Or somewhere else? Not sure if you mean to put it UNDER or make it part of the body. It is kind of working now, but when scrolling down, the navbar is hidden behind the padding it seems…

Regarding the button for the gallery: I am trying to understand what you mean with moving it from multi-image collection and put it on main image collection. I do not see any connection between the button and the gallery… If I understand correctly you mean to add the class; Property Header Gallery Button’’ to the button?

I tried to remove the button, add it again and give it the Property Header Gallery Button Wrapper class but it still does not work… :frowning:

Hi @Urbss1

Apologies, set the Width to 500px or whatever you seem appropriate to keep the text from spilling across the trees in the image.

Navigation needs to sit just under Body like you have done so already.

Change the Navigation element Z-Index to 9999 so it sits on top of everything (see screenshot).

Change/reset Section 3 Z-Index to Auto or 0 to allow the Navbar to scroll over (see screenshot).

See screenshot for adding/moving gallery button/text.

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