Mobile Optimisation and responsive image issue

Hey ya’ll. I have never used webflow before so my site is probably a mess haha.
At the moment I’m have some issues I can’t seem to solve. One is that when I preview the size in mobile the nav bar looks terrible - the hamburger menu is in a weird spot and the text in is super small. The hero image on the home page also goes off center and is suck to the left. The div block with text in it I want to sit exactly over the image scale with it - its doesn’t really.

My other issue is on the “prints” page I want the categories to span the width of the screen fully. It seems to do this and be responsive in all preview modes but desktop. On desktop its not quite wide enough to span fully and if I try to make it it then stops being responsive, stays huge and gets clipped in smaller previews.

I’m not sure if I’m asking too much and should just be paying someone to do a once over and tidy it up or if I can fix it? haha

thanks everyone!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Laurence_Ranking)


For Hamburger menu
Your current setting

Please change to

Also need some styling to menu needed after this.
Let me know if this help you.

For responsive images
There is some styling issue for all mode.
Go to tablet mode
Current setting

Change to

Change this to all mode (top up toggle button desktop to mobile view)

Thank you for your help. The homepage image still sticks to the left side of the screen in mobile preview?