Homepage layout issues

Hello. For some reason, my navbar on my homepage is hiding behind the images as I scroll down the page. Also, the links aren’t active but they are on my other pages

Also, I have a few images that are changing sizes randomly. They’re supposed to be the width of the container but they’re shrinking in size. One example on my “hoops” page is at the bottom for my “more work”. They’re constantly changing sizes.

Here is my site Read-Only: [http://wintons-portfolio.webflow.io/]

Hey Winton, welcome!

Thanks for the link. Can you please post a Share link from your site’s Settings page. We can possibly provide better help if we can see the Designer.

Hi @SoCal-Marcel. Is this the link you’re referring to? Design Responsive Websites - Webflow

A Read only link - directly from your Designer. We can see your site design without the ability to make any changes

More info here on sharing links


@SoCal-Marcel is this the link you need? Webflow - Winton L. Brown

Okay, Winton, see screenshots of the Nav bar sections - they are not the same across all your pages. Some pages have double navbars; for a quick fix, delete the navbar and start fresh with the standard WF Navbar component. To avoid any issues, keep it as close to the standard one as possible. Then, once you’re happy with it, convert it to a Symbol so you can use it across all your pages.

The images changing size on your Hoops page - they render ok on my end.

Besides that, I would highly recommend that you work through the WF University Videos especially the 101 Crash Course.

To keep things organized look at using a style guide - some great examples here
WF can get out of hand quickly with confusing instances of Container 39, Section 25, Image22, Image30, H3 Heading 57, etc. Check out this video by Tim Ricks on naming conventions.