Some cms filter items doesn't show when I publish website

Hello guys, ı need some help; full of the CMS items are shown in designer mode and work correctly when ı preview. however, on the live website, only 4 of the CMS items are shown can’t fix the problem why on publish ı can not see all the cms items, and how can ı fix it? And also cms filters don’t work in live mode.

Here is my public share link:,
Read only link; Webflow - Decodi

It seems like your problem is stemming from how the Finsweet CMS filter is being implemented as when I remove the script from the page all the collection items display.

To start you have the “filters” attribute on the Form Block and Form element, I would remove one of them so it’s only on one.

Same thing for the “list” attribute, remove it from the Collection List Wrapper so it’s only on the Collection List.

See if that helps with any of the behaviors at all.

Thank you for your fast response. I found the problem ı added a filter and ı closed eye it and forgot that’s why filter coming from some features and that’s why we only see some cms items which are filtered. When ı remove the second filter which ı closed the eye and forget it workes behind.