Using cms filter on the page

Hello everyone, I am looking for a CMS filter. I have found few of options which are filtering by custom attributes but It’s not working on my page. I have search fields, checkboxes and search button which will trigger the filter option.
Any suggestion about it?
datas on CMS, when i check any checkboxes, it supposed to filter by itself.
I have tried with finsweet and refokus tool but they are not working with checkboxes. What i am missing?

To see the project here is the read-only link.


Can you also share a read-only link to your project? It’s then easier to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast response. Here is my read-only

I must admit I’m not the most technical person and I’m quite a noob with Javascript. But I’ve used Finsweet Attributes before and found them woking.

One thing I noticed is that you have the Finsweet tags in the page before </body> tag. Is there a reason for that? Finsweet CMS Filter documentation mentions they should be pasted inside <head> tag.

I’ve also found this Finsweet project to be an excellent help with setting up page for their filter and sorting attributes.

One thing I’ve also understood is that with these Finsweet attributes, all of the Collections Lists, checkboxes, filtering buttons etc. elements related to the filtering, should all be inside the same form block. E.g. in your Results Page 1 -page you have the collection list (which list I assume you want to filter) outside of the form block.