Filter using collection lists no longer working


I currently manage a website on which the filters are very buggy.

Among other things, no results (collection items) are displayed on the page with the customer references when filtering, even though some should actually be displayed based on the categories.

Do any of you have any idea why this is the case? Could it be because of items being excluded from site search?

Here is the read-only link to the project:

It looks like you’re trying to use Finsweet’s Filter and Nest attributes but you don’t have either script pasted in of your page on the page settings. Do you have it in your site settings?

Hi, many thanks for your reply! Yes, there is a Finsweet script in the head code of the page.

Looks like the filters stopped working properly after I turned off publishing for certain collection templates that were affiliated with the filter.

Assuming the collection list you’re filtering is on a published page, this shouldn’t affect you. FS Filter doesn’t reference collection pages to my knowledge- it walks through the pagination on the current page and caches those.

However FS Nest does rely on collection pages, if you’re using that as well.