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[Solved] Blank page when publishing


Im having problems publishing my site, when you go to check it will show a blanc page, could you help me on this?, Waldo (support team) told me that it´s maybe a custom code but i tried to remove custom code and that is mot the problem, i guess it´s a bug of yours.

thanks you.

Can you please share a link to the published site so we can examine the behavior? :sunglasses:

Sure here it is:

Well we still have some custom code that wasn’t properly removed. Remove the custom iframe below and you’ll be fine. :+1:

The HTTP ( version of the site) and HTTPS (your custom domain version of the site) protocols don’t match and therefore browsers are blocking the frame and the page from properly loading.

<iframe src="[your custom domain]/newsletter/subscribete.html" width="500" height="500" align="center">

Edit: This shouldn’t affect functionality when the site is running on the published custom domain; just the version of the site.

Edit 2: Removed references to domain to prevent search engines from linking to these posts

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Thanks a lot McGuire!

Do you think is there a way to make it working when publishing?.

Edit: Removed references to domain to prevent search engines from linking to these posts

What site-level custom code are you using under your site settings? (Head code or footer code)

Sorry don´t know what you mean!, i haven´t included any site-level custom code :grimacing:


The version of the website is now password protected—we’re unable to get in to take a look. :dizzy_face:

ups! sorry :stuck_out_tongue: fixed, could you try now?

Still locked out. Can you republish?

Please try know, sorry for the inconveniences!

Not a problem! This is your culprit. If you remove this HTML Embed element, you’ll be fine. Instead of using an iframe for this, you might want to explore creating a custom lightbox element to achieve the same effect.



the point is, how could i include the “external form code” into this light box? i don´t see any option but to include an HTML embed element…

to explain further, in need to embed an external form of the client, and i don´t see too much options that this way :disappointed_relieved:

What external form are you embedding? By glancing at your setup, it seems the form is in the /newsletter/subscribete page of your website. Is there another form to which you’ll be linking?


In fact this is the external form that i have embed in the site: -

Can you try changing the embed code to this instead?

<iframe src="/newsletter/subscribete" width="500" height="500" align="center"></iframe>

Edit: After that, publish and test it on the version of the website.
Edit 2: Fixed iframe syntax.

Sure, done!, seems not to work…

Well it seems as if there’s nothing else on the page loading on the page. Here’s what’s showing up in the source:

Edit: Clarified that other elements don’t load after iframe; they still appear in the source.

Apparently, the iframe" code seems to affect to the site…is that normal? sounds pretty weird to me…

Yes—headaches with iframes are common. :confounded: Iframes are useful in some circumstances, but not in this one. Iframes force your users to completely load two pages while all you’re wanting them to access is a form.

You’ll likely want to create a symbol out of the form on the /newsletter/subscribete page. This way you can use it on any page without having to make changes to each instance. In other words, when you update your form on one page, it updates it everywhere! :slight_smile:

From there, you’ll want to create the lightbox interaction and drop the symbol inside the lightbox.