Blank page after publishing

Hi there, I get an white page after publishing and Everything is fine on the Designer.

I get some error messages in the Console but I am not good at Javascript and don’t know what it means.

I went through the Forum for similar issues, checked and removed all custom code in the page, perhaps there is a problem in the Custom Code in Project Settings but everything worked fine few hours ago, I don’t get it , and I need help !

Thanks in advance !

@vincent @PixelGeek and anyone from the community willing to help !

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Clement, which page are you having trouble with? Both in the designer and at Hippocratus I Accueil (, I see the home page fine.

Hi @ColemanChrisB thanks for your answer, sorry , I didn’t specify that the right page is “lp-test”, the last page before the “collection pages”.
This page doesn’t show when published !
Capture d’écran 2022-03-12 à 11.38.44

Thanks for your help !

I also changed the slug of the page, it was something like “lp a/b test” and then changed it to lp-test. Noticed there was a redirect pointing to lp-test, then erased it. Perhaps I made a mistake there ?

It is a 404 error

Thanks. Clement. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. When looking at the published code for this page, here’s what I’m seeing.


The comment for the end of the Google Tag Manager code isn’t closed properly, and it seems like it’s just dumping the rest of your page’s code inside there. I really hope I’m just overcomplicating this and it’s something easy, and hopefully this leads you on the right path. I didn’t see any custom code on the page itself that contains this though, which means that it would have to be on the project-wide settings, but if that was the case I would expect the same behavior from all pages.

I’m hoping because you best know your own project, this helps lead you in the right direction? Any thoughts? Have you tried simply re-publishing the page?


You’re probably right @ColemanChrisB , there’s somewhere an improperly closed tag. There’s no custom code at page level here, I’ve spotted no Embed in the page, and if the faulty code was at site level, all the pages should bug the same way. Many things can be added on GTM’s side, but I’m not sure if you can introduce code errors from there (and same, it would affect all pages.)


Hi @ColemanChrisB and @vincent Thanks for your help both of you. You were 100% right and the comment at the end of the Google Tag Manager wasn’t closed properly. I did what @vincent did first, checked embeds (none) , the custom code with correctly closed scripts and I didn’t check the comments ! One lesson learned :wink: Thanks again , have a great week-end !


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