No display changes, but content is invisible

Hey guys,

Sharing with you a strange bug, interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this.

A page which can be seen here has no content on the published site. In my designer and in preview this content can be seen. There is not visability or display settings that should be causing this page to be empty. Love to hear anyones thoughts or suggestions.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Sounds like some custom code has opened tags… going to check.

Ah, no faulty custom code, but:

  1. I reproduce your bug
  2. the code rendered by Webflow is correct
  3. the code rendered by Chrome has hidden attributes for the form added to it
  4. I’m using uBlock Origin and that’s what causing the form not to show up

You’re probably using uBlock Origin or Adblock or Ghostery. Deactivate it for the page and you’ll see your form again.

My advice is to use a special Chrome for when you’re working with Webflow. For example Chrome Canary. This way you can only have 1 extension (the Webflow one) and be sure not to run into such issues.

Hi @vincent,

You’re absolutely correct, my AdBlocker extension seemed to have blocked it.

That seems really odd tho, mind explaining the form added to it part?
Was that due to adding a clashing class? Or did I add a form and remove it during design haha.

Ill be sure to use that thanks for letting me know.

Oh, yes! I wasn’t very awake, this happened to me recently! I was designing, and it’s supposed to be an old victorian tabloid, so naturally, I designed fake ADS for it. And I called them ADS, I mean I used ADS in the class names. And adblocker blocked them :smiley:

See where I’m going? You container is called .advert-wrap. Voilà, it’s just a matter of naming things. Don’t name them Ads, or adverts or anything that an Adblocker would block :smiley:


LOL of course!

I doubt I would have ever thought of that class name issue! Thanks for letting me know about this! :smiley:

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