Social Media Reach or some direction for where to find work?

Hi folks!

I’m not sure I’ve attached this to the correct section but feel free to let me know if not and I can shift the post.

I’m looking for a bit of guidance with the best direction for finding work. I know it’s a hyper-competitive market and everyone is looking for work. But there are so many areas I could potentially focus on, I wonder if anyone could share their journey or how they got started?

Where I’m at…

I’ve been designing in Webflow for just under a year now and using Adobe Photoshop/After Effects as well as Figma to help with my designs. I’ve done all of Webflows courses as well as 2 Udemy and 1 Awwards course on web design so have a firm grasp on web design(although still a lot to learn).

I started of getting the odd job through Fiverr but became impatient and frustrated with the low prices (full websites for $50 after Fiverr cut) so decided to try and go my own route. I get no response from Upwork applications at all due to lack of experience and reviews. I’m just starting to learn networking and social media(which I should have done from the start). But so many different avenues. I’m a little lost and the pressure is on now as if I don’t see some traction in the next month I run out of cash!

Any guidance at all would be amazing. I’m not looking for the magic key or shortcuts(as I know they don’t exist), just some direction to stop me from feeling like a one-legged duck! I want to keep going as I love designing but gravely underestimated how difficult it is to find work.


Hey Gareth!
I see that you had posted this in March. I’m wondering if you found a way to get started. I read your post because I’m in a similar situation now - I’ve already started to apply for low paid jobs on LinkedIn because I cannot seem to find clients on my own.

  • Martin