Looking for a tutor to help me with responsive and performance based design

Hi there. I’ve been using Webflow for a little over 6 months now and think I have a firm grasp of design on desktop. However, when it comes to designing responsively (even after hours of online tutorials and vids) and taking into account performance (page limits, load speeds etc), things fall apart.

Whether anyone has any references that would help with this, or would kindly volunteer to tutor me for a fee until I get this right. I would be most grateful for any help or advice to really kickstart my career and improve my skills and confidence when it comes to design.

I’m about to do the Flux course soon teaching me about the process and in particular wireframing using Figma. I think this will help me a lot. But would also love some 1:1 tutorials to speed the proces up.

Thanks a million.


PS if this is on the wrong thread let me know and I will change it. I wasn’t sure the most appropriate one to attach this with.

Hi @Gareth_Ellison, you should share some of your projects! That’ll really help in finding some references for you to check out and points to improve on.

Hi Denny. Thanks for your reply. I always feel a little self-conscious about sharing work because of the level I’m at compared to other designers. But I guess you have to start somewhere and it’s the only way I’ll learn and improve.

I’ve knocked about 5-6 jobs out through Fiverr which were very basic sites. When it is basic builds I seem to hold responsiveness ok. But the minute I try to design something even remotely complex they just fall apart at anything less than desktop.

I know it’s the fact my process when building is fundamentally flawed. But it’s the correct process I’m dying to learn and struggling with.

Here are a few designs I was in the middle of working on. As you can see, a long way off from passing what can be classed as professional. I think it’s the fact also, I love the design/creative side. But I’ve been neglecting learning the mechanics of it all and focusing to much on the creative side. I don’t want to just give up because I’m struggling with a specific area, and I love designing.

Anyway, if you can give any tips or advice or you or anyone can tutor me I’d be really grateful.


(just add this is loco-scroll so looks all out of wack through webflow, if viewed on the published site it looks a little cleaner)