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Smooth scrolling button

Hello everyone, im sorry if this has been already answered but i didnt found exactly what im looking for.

I would like to have a button in the bottom of a section (typically an arrow facing down) that when i click it the website scroll down to the next section o to “X” section.

Would you help me please?

Thank you very much.


Place down a link block and then place your arrow as an image insdie it. you need to only do two more things.

Secondly click on the Section/Div you wish it to scroll to and in the settings for that it will say Unique ID - call it anything you wish

then go back to the link box and in the link settings find the in page scrolling and choose the Unique ID you made from the drop down.

Then hit preview and test it out.

Note the section you are scrolling to has to be quite a bit further down - if your page is too short then it won’t work properly.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Overton, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I already knew how to do this and this is not a smooth scrolling :smile:

I apologise.

i thought you meant something like the arrow in this header

Do you have an example of what you are trying to achieve?

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No problem!

This would be a great example.

Thank you

edit. Im sorry your link is exactly what i want to do! But it’s not really working. This is what I get

Ah right, so i did have the right idea - cause i made that template following the method i described to you :confused:

Like i said, it won’t work if your site isn’t tall enough in height - can you share the public link - find it in your sites settings and i will see if i can get it working for you


Public link.

site “nuevahome”



this is the link to WebDivien. I can’t go to all your sites it only loads up the one site you give me link to - open the site you wish me to view then go to that sites settings to get the new public link.

Thanks :smile:

I selected the page I need you to look, went to site settings, enabled a new public link.

This is what i got. Is this right?


yes not sure what went wrong - but i deleted the empy section added a new one and made it 4000px in height for testing purposes and gave it id “test”

then changed link block to in page scroll to test

then it worked with smooth scroll - but i coudlnt get it working on your exisitng section block so maybe try the process above

Cheers :smile:

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I dont know why it wasn’t working but now it does.

Thank you very much for your help!