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Scrollto and local scroll

New to webflow, have been coding html since the 90’s. I really like webflow, quick & easy for the most part.

I have 2 issues with one particular part of my site

here is my site:

I have 2 page navigation buttons on one is an up arrow, go to top, works fine, I linked it to the nav id
The down arrow, I would like it to scroll from section to section. I have searched all over the web and found many references to using scrollto, localscroll and onscroll and most of the sites spoke about plugins. I would like to do this without adding any plugins and am unsure if it is possible in webflow.

I did find this and it should work, just wondering if there is an easier way to do this in webflow

2nd issue is have both of these arrows set to animate over and over and over on hover, move up-fadeout-move down below the circle move-moveup-as it fades back in for the up arrow and the opposite for the down arrow. They barely do it once before disappearing forever. These are supposed to function like the down arrow on the first section of

You will find the answer to this in this tutorial from Webflow:

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What if you made a down arrow at the bottom of each section of content. Then link those arrows to the next section ID.

I think that would be an easier solution than a sticky arrow nav on the bottom right. Plus, it would be a better user experience since most people read from left-to-right and up-to-down. People finding those up and down controls would probably more difficult.

hope this helps =)

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Makloon If it is in that demo, I sure cant find it. I did get several different things for my site from that demo. It is very helpful, although the different templates are spread all over and hard to find. Lots and lots of good ideas on here and in different designs of the sites I have looked at.

Thanks Pixelgeek, I know I can put an arrow at the bottom of each section, but I was trying to avoid that and just have sitewide on screen nav. I just threw them in the corner to set them up, Most likely wont stay there. If I cant do it then I cant do it, not a big deal.

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Hi @jagsweb, thanks for the post. I was taking a look at the scenario, and if you will be using a single button to navigate up and a single button for navigating up, then probably the code snippet you are already using is the best route at the moment.

We will add more in-page linking capabilities in the future, but right now, if you do not want to use code, then you need to create a button at the end of each section to move to the next section.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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