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Scroll Down, simple question

Hi there guys,

I’m positive this is a very general question, though i’m still learning the ropes so bear with me team :slight_smile:

I want to make an arrow I designed to be able to:

  1. Be clicked and then scroll down automatically to the next section; I have made a link block and put an image block in there, then checked the settings and it says: Section > Choose a Section… - though theres no sections it allows me to choose from. I’ve attached a screen shot.

  2. I’d also like it it hover up and down slightly, any tips on that?

Cheers in advanced,

  1. select your target section, or anything you want to in-page link to, click the settings tab, then put a unique ID. This ID will show up in the list.

  1. hover up and down? Can you be more specific? you want the arrow to move a bit when hovered, and down when clicked? you have two ways to do that. First way is the general way and will be part of the element style. Select the arrow then click on Hover, then apply a translation and a transition maybe.

And by now you should have figured out how to do the pressed and focus states.

Oh and the second solution is to make all that with interactions. More difficult, isn’t attached to the style… I’d prefer the first solution. Also I think, not sure, that interactions are rendered by JS and states are rendered by CSS… CSS animations are rendered way, way faster and smoother by browsers.

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I have a similar question to julian​social. I’ve been able to link a buttons to specific sections (by first giving them a unique ID, no problem. However, what I’d like to do is to have one ‘Next’ button and one ‘Previous’ button that takes me either to the next or the previous section from the current section, if you know what I mean. Is that possible?

Hey there Vincent,

Thanks a lot for the response! I had worked it out already, it was really, really simple and I feel a bit silly - though slowly learning! Once again, your help has been great and until next time :smile:

Without Javascript, I don’t think so. But you can manually assign sections to those buttons, does this make sense?