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Slug of page in Reference Field in Collection List


I don’t seem to be able to reference the slug or link of a page in a reference field within a collection list. One of the problems is that unless the reference field is a multi-reference, it can’t be set as a nested collection list source, in order to get the page slug from the reference field.

Ideally as well as a “Collection List” element in the available CMS blocks, there’d be a “Reference Item” element as well whose child elements could be bound to the data of single reference field

Is there something I’m missing? For example I can bind a text field to a single reference field’s page title or other fields, but there’s no element with which I can bind its slug or link.


workaround using multi-reference field with a single entry

We create a multiple reference field with a single entry and set it as collection source

We can now get the reference field item’s slug

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