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Slug and Renaming URL for portfolio based pages in a template

The FlyCMS template ‘portfolio’ is dynamically managed in the CMS. I noticed the editor
shows each page URL as or
These URLs appear to be editable. Is that also safe for me to custom
rename the URL to match what I’d like the page to be called without
breaking any functionality? - - The system links will still work as
intended if I rename there right? -Please provide careful clarification
about this.

I need to know for sure if that is where I can safely rename my URL (slug).

Thank you!

Hi @Tine22, Could you please share the read-only link so that I can see the pages?

Hi, see the screenshot and the page slug name (pink arrows in my diagram). I want to rename that to match my page. Is that the place where I do it?
Will re-naming break anything on the site?
Thank you.

Hi @Tine22 :smiley:

Try clicking on that slug URL to change it.


Thank you. Wanted to be 100% sure links would still connect to these pages from the outer portfolio options page, and they do!

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