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Ability to change collection slug name

Hello Webflow!

I am wondering why we cannot edit the slug after a collection has been created?

I recently purchased a template that has a ton of work done in the CMS that I want to start with, but the slug for these collections are titled according the template. This kind of upsets me just because I want everything to stay consistent with the theme of my site and not the template.

Any way to override this?

The vast majority of the things you type in Webflows’ UI is not the real value Webflow is using to make your site work. Even a class is represented by another ID in their program, and only applied to the code when you publish or export. That way, you can edit or change the name of things.

But not the slug. Because choosing a slug affects the link to a record (ie a blog post), called a permalink. Permalinks are used all over the web to link contents, and once you’ve started to emit permalinks, it’s better not to change them, or everything external who had connection to content on your site will lose it.

So it’s important to well chose your slugs and to make a pen an paper draft of your collections structure before starting to fill your collections with data.

What could be helpful is the ability to duplicate a collection, hence changing the slug during the process. You can add your voice to one of the thread asking for duplication of collections. Cms request: duplicate collection option

@Waldo Hi Waldo, this is maybe a concern for Template reviews. The choice of the slugs kind of locks the templates in a particular field, possibly.

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