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Info for editing FlyCMS


Here is the template I have:

See the square portfolio images on the page (Crazy Flight, A Man Fishing, etc, etc)…an 8 block grid?
This is placed on both the homepage and the Services page. I would like to remove from the homepage (hide it for all intensive purposes).

It is not a typical grouped section where I can hide it all in one go… when I mouse over it in the editor, I see each block is independent and called: Work Overlay (in purple type with a little chain link icon next to it). - How would be best to safely remove or hide?

One more bonus question: the portfolio is dynamically managed in the CMS. I noticed the editor shows each page URL as or These URLs appear to be editable. Is that also safe for me to custom rename the URL to match what I’d like the page to be called without breaking any functionality? - - The system links will still work as intended if I rename there right? -Please provide careful clarification about this.

Thank you!!

Have you tried going to the settings tab and making it not viewable on every device. The devise is still existent in your code though the user sees completely nothing. Hope this helps. :smile:

And, how do I do that? I see where it reads ‘Link Block Settings’… then it has a blank field that reads ‘For in-page linking’. Below that I see where it reads Visible on: All Devices. - I do not see an option that reads ‘Hide this content block from view’… Can you please elaborate?
…And what if I wanted to bring it back to display on this page?

Thank you.

@Tine22 I will go into further detail, once you see the 4 buttons that show the different devices be sure to click the one that you don’t want the block to show up on. For example if you have a block that you don’t to show up on tablet, press the tablet icon and on the top where it says all devices it will then say that only phone and desktop are visible. If you have hid it you can always go to the list of all your elements, and press the name of the object, go into its settings, and change it however you would like. Hope this helps! :blush: Be sure to view the tutorials, they really do help. :wink:

OK, I see what you mean. So in this example, Work Overlay is actually the category “overlay” that displays the text name of the category…I suspect it also serves as the key active field that then allows for that image square to link to and open another web page on the site.

So would I first turn all of those off, and then click the images below and turn all of those off in order to mask that entire piece from the site? – Is it best to do this from within the list of all the elements rather than clicking objects on the page? - I still need this module in tact on one of my other pages… I just do not want it displaying on the homepage.

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