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Slider's arrows out of the box

Hello people,

Working on a site design that needs the slider’s arrows to be placed outside of the slider container.
Tried multiple approaches but I can’t figure out why they are not visible outside of the container.

Any ideas how to solve this?

can you supply your share link. Not seeing what you are talking about you just need to think of the slider differently. If you wrap your inner components in a div and set the slide to transparent your arrows are no longer appear in your slider but structurally they are.

I build the custom slider because I incorporate it with the CMS
Is this what you are trying to achieve? the testimonials section

here is a quick example using the webflow slider

Here it is

I have now disabled the slider for the sake of presenting a static layout to the client.
However, I will eventually need the arrows at the top to be pushing in one image at the time. Little sketch below :slight_smile: hope it is understendable

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