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Make Slider arrows visible out of the slider

Is there any way to make two slider arrows visible out of the slider? The slider’s overflow is hidden but I want to make those arrows visible overriding the slider overflow. I tried many times but it’s not working anyway. Does anyone have solutions to this problem? or creative tips. Please let me know.

Can you provide your read-only link so we can take a peek at the structure of the project?

By default, the slider arrow elements aren’t nested within the slider mask, so they can be moved really wherever you’d like as long as they are within the parent “Slider” wrapper:


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Hi Mikeyevin! Thanks a lot for your answer. I have implemented your solution and it works but now the for making the mask 90% and overflow off all 12 slides became 2.
My slider element is like a single slider going at a time. I want this single slider functionality with the two arrows outside the 90% slider width.

Can you please help here? Should I make an arrow from an outside link block and like that with the slider? Can you help with this issue? Here is my Read-only Link. I have given 2 example. I want the first one with arrows visible. Thanks again in Advance.