Slider Arrows Custimization

Hey Guys,

how do I get the arrows in my slider working?

Here is my public share link: Link

Hey @Maurice,

The easiest way is just adding a class on the initial arrow and custom it

Then add a class on Left Arrow and Right Arrow and do this

Yeah, but the problem is that i would like to have both angles in a div to position it in the right bottom corner. In my shared link you can see that i have this achieved, but that are own arrows that in moment dosent trigger the slide.


If you strictly follow my steps the arrows will go on the right corner (double check margins/padding changed)


i did what you said, but it doesn´t work. My idea was to put both arrows in a div and than positioning that div absolute in the right bottom corner, but unfortunately i can´t move the arrows into a div.

In my Shared Webflow Link you can see that with the first slider i tried you method, in which the arrows work but not positioned correctly. In the second slider i deleted the initial arrows and created my own, which positioned correct but doesn´t work anymore.

Ok i see @Maurice

Do this and this


i tried it out, but the result is not exactly what i want (see image below).
Please take a look at my Read-Only, than you can see my structure.

Hi @Maurice,

I don’t get it :smiley:
I’ve already done it (looking at your read only).


arrowclass need to be set for both the regular arrow icons


arrow left for the parent of arrow left icon


arrow right for the parent of arrow right icon

If you follow the step by step above it will work

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