Position slider arrows outside of slider

Hi everyone,
All the other posts on this topic seem to be old or unanswered. Is there a simple way to place the arrows in a slider outside of the mask or link different arrows to those ones?

I need the arrows you see at the top to control the slider and the ones in the slider to disappear.

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This should be easily achieved by absolutely positioning the arrow icons as needed, and then setting their direct parent containers (I believe they’re link blocks) to show the overflow, rather than hide it.

Hmmm… Is there anyway to do this while having the slider set to a vh unit? I’d love to have this slider take up the remaining vh after the navbar, but if I set the arrows to absolute positioning, they will shift depending on the viewport instead of remaining where I want them. This is why it would be helpful to be able to take the arrows out of the mask itself. But you can’t, so I’m not sure the best way to do this.

Did you find any way to do that? I’ve been searching for something similar for a while too.

Me too, thought this would be a simple task but I can’t find a solution.

@Kiril_Radovenski Just came across this thread which worked for me: Re-position slider arrows - #4 by Eli11

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately, absolute positioning them outside of the slider doesn’t work in my case, as I am already using fixed positioning for the slider itself, but I want the arrows to scroll normally, outside of the fixed slider div.

I might need code for this one.

I have started a new thread in regards to that here.