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Slider stop when click or tap

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Can we just make it autoplay after a certain time that a visitor stop interacting with the slider?

Hello? Anybody here?

Oh hey there my friend! well just try troubleshooting and talk and talk to your self until you find solution because no one cares about your thread here. So get a life my friend :slight_smile:

Hi @lestergonzales, thanks for the post. The community form is a place where people can come to get design help. The volunteers who help to moderate the forum give of their time freely.

Sorry that you had to wait, to answer your question, this is not yet possible natively, but you might be able to custom code a workaround using jQuery.

My suggestion might be to setup a click jquery event at page load to click the slider to first make it stop from Autoplay, then setup a jquery timer to run for a certain amount of time, then perform a Redraw on the slider similar to: How to redraw slider (in modal) when modal window opens

The idea being that when the slider is re-initialized it will start autoplay when the timer expires.

I have not tried this, so probably it have to be scripted and then tested. It is a suggestion.

To do this natively, I would suggest to add this to our Wishlist:

I hope this helps!

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