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Slider stops autoplaying after you have interacted with the slider

Not sure if this is a bug.

Slider Element has 2 arrows - default.

Selecting / Clicking on an arrow moves the slider to the previous / next slide.

But it also seems to stop cycle.

Which means… the slider will no longer - automatically change.

@Revolution it’s expected behavior for the Slider to stop autoplaying once you have interacted with a slider that has autoplay turned on.

Be sure to read this article on some Slider/Carousel best practices.

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I couldn’t talk the client out of this one.

They even wanted the arrows and the dots to be hidden.

If they just want the slider to keep autoplaying without being interactive you could place a div block that’s positioned absolutely over the slider with a higher z-index to prevent interactivity and keep it autoplaying?


You can set autoplay to false, then use a custom script to trigger the next button at intervals.

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