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Slider - Stop autoplay after 1 cycle, or at a certain cycle count

Sorry to revisit this, but I really am in need of some support or insight.
Can the slider be stopped after one cycle or after a certain count?

Is there any javascript/jquery solution to achieve this. Please help me webflow staff and community.

Even to say “It’s not possible” so i can move on to another plugin solution.

Thank you

Continuing the discussion from Autoplay Slides, but stop at the end:

Hello. If you move to another solution, I know that one of the most used slider nowadays, the NIVO slider, offers any option you’d dream in terme of slides rotation control. Slide all once, slide certain slides more that others, specify rotations in %, make a full rotation schedule, stop the rotation when the tide is high (I’m making this one up but I’m sure there’s a way…)

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Thanks for the suggestion @vincent. Appreciated.