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[Slider] Slide not loading all slides


I have a website where when displayed on mobile will show a slider instead of its regular content. Everything fine on this part, but when the slider is loading, not all slides are displaying. Sometimes it will be only 1, sometimes, 5 or 7. I couldn’t identify any pattern. Sometimes it will shows all of them.

I am quite confused on what could be the issue.

When happening, the only way to resolve it is to refresh the page and then all slides are properly loading. I tried to add a delay before the slider to be showed (with a lottie animation for the loading part) but I still have the same issue.

(For information, all slides have been created by copy/paste the first one. If it matters.)

I tried to look on the forum and on the web and I didn’t find anyone having the exact same behavior,

If anyone has an idea on how to solve this issue, it would be very nice. Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Pierre COLSON
My website: (all case study has the issue)

The sliders are in each case study pages.

Thanks a lot for your help !