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Slides (slider element) don't parade across correctly

Hello community,

I need your help. I have a problem with a slider.

Slides (so the images) don’t parade across correctly.

  • Sometimes the slider is stuck on the first slide.
  • Sometimes the second slide appears after several seconds (not 3000ms as configured).
  • Sometimes the slider is stuck on one of the slides.
  • Sometimes the slides parade across but duration is very variable.
  • Sometimes the slides parade across and then a slide is stuck.

It’s very random, so I asked myself the question of the loading time of the images but they are all around 100 kB.

I also tried to fix the problem with the configurations on the images. Load: Lazy or Load: eager or Load: auto, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

The slider is made up of 5 slides with the settings:

  • Animation: Cross Fade
  • Easing: ease
  • Duration: 3000ms
  • Infinite repeat slides: checked
  • Disable swipe gestures: checked
  • Auto-play slides: checked
  • Timer delay: 3000ms
  • Stop after: 0

Here is read-only link

And here is published site link

Do you have any ideas to solve this? :crossed_fingers:

Many thanks for your answers.
And sorry for my poor English. :kissing_closed_eyes:
Thank you!