Sliders only show 1st image on 1st page load

I’m a newcomer to Webflow and I’m putting together a portfolio site for myself using it, however I’ve hit an issue that’s pretty important for me to solve.

I’ve set up groups of images in sliders, with each slider containing images for a single project.

The issue is that when the page is first loaded it seems random whether all the images in each of the sliders are available, or just the first. However when the page is refreshed then all sliders include their complete set of images.

To be clear this doesn’t affect all sliders at the same time (some load up fine with all images present), but it seem random which sliders are affected by the issue (only showing the first image).

Here are some pics to show what I mean, first an example of the issue on the first load of the page.

This is how it looks once the page is refreshed, with all four images available (see the four page dots at the bottom of the slider).

Here’s a screengrab showing the structure of that slider.

I’ve searched the forum for previous posts asking about the same issue, but the ones that I found didn’t have solutions provided, so I’m hoping to have more luck, otherwise I’ll have to dump the sliders and go for an alternative way of showing my portfolio images.

Same issue here on a client’s website - just a super bare-bones image slider, one image at a time, but only the first slide loads unless I force a page refresh!

Any luck since then?

same issue here, I need to refresh to let the entire slides show

I’m having the same issue exactly as you described it.

Just come across another post here that has a fix for anyone searching for this :slight_smile:

Switching the lazy load to eager resolved this for me