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Slider Problem when JavaScript is deactivted

When i deactivate JavaScript in my Browser with Web Developer, the slider show the text double from every slide and it is overlapped. i only want to show the first slide pic and text. how can i do this? because i want that the site will be shown correctly for people who deactivate the JavaScript in the browser.

Here is my public share link:

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Can you please help me to solve this problem?

I simply don’t know if that is possible with Webflow.

Maybe with a simple site but if you’re using widgets such as the Slider widget, it uses Javascript, so you can’t expect it to display correctly without Javascript activated.

@cyberdave could you confirm that?

I know that the slider does not work without JavaScript. I only want to show without JavaScript the first slide of the slider. The image of the first slide is shown correctly. But the text is shown of all slides. I only want to show the text of the first slide.

There is no other solution? How can i solve this problem?

Non, once again, if you use widgets, you need Javascript.

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