Slider not working please help


I seem to be having an issue with my slider. It suddenly stopped working. The navigation no longer shows up and the slides do not auto play.

I exported the site, after which I replaced the new JS with an old export and that seems to restore slider functionality.

I also re-published a site that I had previously published (25 Days Ago), the republished site with no changes exhibits the same behavior of the broken slider

The slider however does work in design mode, and in preview, but once the site is published or exported, it stops working.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I’m approaching my deadline.

Here is my site Read-Only (both sites suddenly have the same issue):

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They’re working on a fix for this currently.

Exact Same, I was about to lose it, then found this.

Same here!! Working well in preview. But when published, the navigation dots are missing and the arrows didn’t clickable.