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Sliders not working at all

Hi, beginner webflow user here! I have been building a site recently, and the slider seems to not be working. Whether it’s the native webflow slider template or one I cloned, the dots from the slider disappear when I view the site on read-only. That being said, the slider dots do show up and are functional on the preview.

Not sure what I am doing wrong and or how to fix this error. Any tips or insights would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only Link: Webflow - Sucheta's Site

Hello @suchetakhurana, did you fix it already? all the sliders worked on my end. The sliders will not work on the designer, they only work on preview mode, you can set each slide to be displayed on the designer by selecting it on the slider settings on the left of the designer. I hope this helps.

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the response! I was not able to fix it, the sliders are still not working for me on any of my devices. I also shared the link with a couple of friends, and they seem to be having the same issue.

When I first visit the home page, it looks like this (attached images), but if I click the about page for example, and click back to home, then the sliders show up just fine.

Hello @suchetakhurana can you share your published link?

Also your navigation is not showing up because it is displayed none, you are aware of this right?
Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 12.46.31 PM
If this is your issue, just select display block and it should show again. If it is not send me your published link and I will try to see what is going on.

Thanks @Pablo_Cortes ! It’s working on the published site. Appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


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