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Slider not responsive when adding multiple slide

I’m having trouble creating a custom slider. I built out the component and laid all the content out, and it works great and reacts to smaller browser sizes (within a single breakpoint), however as soon as I copy/paste the content to a second slide, suddenly the content reacts differently, it doesn’t scale down and ignores the margins, etc. See the screenshots below.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Ok I fixed the problem by removing the margins and instead adding padding (and increasing the max width to compensate). Still not sure why adding multiple slides caused the exact same styles to act differently, but at least I found a workaround.

@caicardenas - In the future when you are looking for feedback/help, please share a read-only link to your project. We can’t see your element styling without it.

Glad you worked around your issue.

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Yes I had included the link but have since removed it now as I fixed the issue :slight_smile: Thanks!

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