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Slider is leaving a slight line / residual from previous slide when scrolling past final slide back to first

You can re-create the issue by scrolling through the slides. After you reach the final slide and continue right to the first slide, there is a thin line on the left of the slide.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 5.14.01 PM|122x500

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Found North V2!

This is strange indeed. Because your style looks fine actually.

A temporary solution could be to add a 2px margin to the third slider div:

Let’s hope they fix this in the future.

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Thanks, @EriCreator I tried that and surprisingly it does not work.

Are you sure? I tested it and it works on the preview for tablets

Like this right? (See the 2px margin on the right). Odd it works for you – maybe I’m missing something. Does not work for me in desktop or tablet mode.


Ah Ha! You were right. I was adding the margin on the left, you were adding on the right. When I add right it works… thanks!

no the margin should be right :slight_smile:

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