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Slider Layout Option

Guys, can you help me achieve this kind of layout using slider?

I need a kind of slider with at least 4 blocks inside without the pagination on the bottom part.

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I @lestergonzales

Great question.

You can customize the slider element to be a carousel slider—showing multiple slides at once. Here’s how to make a slider that shows 4 slides at a time:

  1. Add a slider
  2. Select slide 2 and delete it
  3. Select slide 1 and set it’s width to 23% and add a margin of 1% on the left and right
  4. Copy and paste the slide as many times as you need

See this video:

Note: If you need to edit the slides to differentiate them from one another (e.g. different background images), you can add a different combo class to each slide.

Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks, But i was hoping for a slider like this that cut the last and first slide content

You can do that the same way, just make the slides a bit larger (say 30%) so the last one is cropped. But that won’t crop the first one.

Or, you can create a custom slider. That might be a bit tricky with arrows though. Another way of creating such a slider is using scroll. Here’s a helpful tutorial that can help you build a slider that works on scroll:

Hope this is helpful.

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Hey, thats another great example but not in that way, I just found a site that perfectly describe my goal on it. look for the 3rd section of the site where you can see the reviews.

Looking forward to see what solutions we may get on that. Thanks!