Slider. One slide in the center, two others seen partially

Hi, can you please give me an idea how to create a slider which has one slide in the center of the screen and two other are seen partially on it’s sides? Like here

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @ivert

I would suggest giving the slides a class name a set a percentage width.

thank you, that’s what I’ve done at first. But if I set the width in % I’ve got several slides on the screen from left to right. My question is how to get the central slide fully seen in the centre and two others partially seen on it’s sides.

Can you share your preview link to assist you better?

the sample of what I want to do is here

We need the preview link of your project,

sorry, here it is

Try doing this

Add a max-width to your “bg slide mask

Then set the width of the slides to “100%

And you’ll get something like this:


Thank you very much! It works!

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