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Slider with Grid?

Hey guys,

How can I use a slider and grid together?
I need to achieve this: picture below.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @marius_serban

This is a nice layout! You can certainly achieve this with some patience. Here’s a read-only link I’ve made so you can reverse engineered it :slight_smile:

Hey Donald, thanks for the compliments and for taking from your time to help me out. The slide is not actually the entire width, but I want each image to be a single slide. So in this case, when I click on the right arrow, the image on the right will go left and fill the shape of the image on the left. not sure if my explanation is clear enough… :slight_smile:

here is another drawing.


I get it! Unfortunately this is not possible with the slider component. Maybe you can achieve this result with some hacky interactions or custom code.

Sorry if I can’t help, I hope someone can figure this out for you :slight_smile:

No worries. Thanks anyways, Donald!

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