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Slider issue + problems in different browsers

Hi there,
I really hope there’s someone out there who can help me!

I am having some really weird issues with my full width slider. the arrows of my slider are full width so each one is 50VW. Most of the time they work fine in safari but for some reason once in a while they won’t click to the next one. It feels kind a buggy but maybe there’s a simple explanation.

Then we come to next problem. In chrome my website doesn’t work as good as in safari. I am using blendmodes with custom code but for some reason my cursor isn’t visible anymore and the arrows of the slider don’t work most of the time.

I was very hyped about my website so I really hope somebody can help me out!


It looks like the Cursor is set to None on the slider2 class. Update that to auto or whatever you’d like it to be and it should fix your problem!

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