Slider-bug or common slider-problem?


I posted this thread two months ago but no one replied and the topic was closed. The problem still exists and I really need someone to help me. Any Idea would be great!

"I’m currently working on a project with two automatic changing slides build in. I’m pretty sure, that when I started this project, the two slides worked just fine. But since two weeks, the slides won’t change when I’m interacting with the page. They stopped changing and I have two wait a minute or have two, or even leave the current tab, so they continue changing.

Is this a bug or did I messed up my Slider-Settings?"

Thanks for the help & have a great day! :smiley:

Probably messed up the settings.

When you know what to do, redoing is fast. And when a pre configured Webflow component bugs, it’s almost always easy and quick to redo it rom scratch. Try it!

Okay, then I’ll try to redo it, if that is not a problem someone else had and found a solution.
Thanks for your answer!

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