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Slider Flickering Problem on Slide transition

Hi there,

first of all: I am new to Webflow and website building.

I am currently working on a new Website for my Design Studio.

I am using the slider element to show depth of content across all pages of the website.

Right now I am having some flickering issues with the slider.

The slides are animated in an infinite loop with auto-play.

The problem:

The slider shows white flickering during the transition to the next slide.

I tested it on a Mac with Safari (13.1) and Google Chrome.

You can see it in the second slider in the preview-link I shared:

Anyone has some tips on solving this issue?

Thanks and kind regards:)

Same problem when I’ve set a slideshow to auto play! Hmmmm…
Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Here is a link to the test page that has the auto-play slider on it:

It also flickers like this when just previewing the page in Designer.

I am also having that same flicker go on. I have the slider widget horizontal scrolling and almost every time you advance it gives a flicker mid transition. Webflow folks any ideas?

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