Slider Content Bug Help

Hey There!

We are experiencing a weird bug on our active website with our Slider with CMS items.

Basically, the content on slides 3-4 are messed up. They don’t display the text and spec blocks on the live website. When I attempt to edit them to see what’s going on, it jumps right back to slide 1.

Can anyone help us out and guide is in the direction on fixing this?
Here’s a screen recording link of the behavior.

Here’s my read only link.

The page of concern is the CMC Tracked Aerial Lift Series.

Thank you!

Hey @Michael_Censullo!

Looks like an interaction trigger on “Card Title Info” is causing the issue.
I found that if you delete the interaction off of the element in that first slider it doesn’t fully remove the interaction. You’ll notice that if you try deleting the interaction on the slider that has the issues, the interaction symbol doesn’t go away.

To fix your slider issue, delete the interaction set on Card Title Info under “The Light Duty series” under Slide 1

Once that’s deleted the first slider that you’re having trouble with should work properly now!

Also, I HIGHLY recommend using finsweet CMS Slider Attributes for each category instead of adding a single collection per slide and filtering by name. It’ll make editing content much easier moving forward.

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Wow thank you so much for your help! This fixed the issue. I will definitely look at reconstructing this using those Finsweet slider attributes, thank you for sharing that resource with us.

Best regards!

Absolutely! Glad it worked out for you!