Need help with my CMS Gallery Slider

Hi Webflow friends,

I couldn’t find a CMS powered slider option so I attempted to create my own. The purpose was to have a slider on the bottom of my project collection page that links to the other projects.

I created a slider with 5 slides and used a collection list in each to display 1 item, order by “Order Number” and filtered to exclude current project. However when previewed, 2 out of the 5 slides are blank.

Can you help me figure out the root of this error?

Edit: To add to the confusion, this works as intended in the read-only link but not on the designer preview or published site.

Also, if you can suggest a simpler way to create a CMS powered slider, that would be super helpful!

Shmulie M.

Here is my read only link:
[1]: read-only-link

I haven’t got into your project properly but have you tried Finsweet’s?


Is there no simpler way to do this?

I’m not ready to purchase a Hosting Plan to add custom code before I can be sure this solution is will work for my particular situation.

(I only want to purchase a plan once the site is ready to be connected to my custom domain.)

I checked again and you don’t need custom code for this. Your implementation is working well.
But saw that you’ve Scroll Into View interaction which is causing this issue. Please remove that from all the slides and it should work fine. If you want then apply it to the parent slider block.

Also since your each slides have pairs of blocks, some sliders have odd number of items so there also you’ll have a blank block.

Thank you for taking the time to look further! I didn’t even think to look through the interactions. This works perfectly now.

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That’s great, and always happy to help. Have fun :+1:

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Any way to remove the empty slide?

Now for that you’ll need to work with custom code.

Or just make sure you’ll have even number of items.